Kumkum Fernando | The Lost Mystics

Which Way is Home

W 24 x H 56 x D 22 inches 

Mixed media – upcycled wood, hand and spray painted wood; scratched coated brass detailing; recycled nails. 3 removable heads that articulate 360 degrees. Made from 1900 blocks. Base is made from an antique coffee table found in the Mekong region of Vietnam.

Which Way is Home

I lost my way again
Which way is home? I asked myself
Then out of nowhere he appeared

I know home, he said But first I need to pee

Me: Toilet break, really?
He: Just give me a sec, I’ll be right back

He left
108 years later he returned
That was the longest second
That was the longest pee break

Follow me, he said, this way is home

Each sculpture comes with a Certificate of Autenticity which includes its corresponding poem.

Digitally printed on Ford 250 GSM paper

5.9″ x 10.7″

Hand signed by Kumkum and individually numbered.