Kumkum Fernando | The Lost Mystics

Formally Known
as Izah 

W 31.5 x H 56.2 x D 21.5 inches

Mixed media – upcycled wood, hand and spray painted wood; scratched coated brass detailing; recycled nails. Removable head and rocket crown. Made from 950 blocks.

Formally Known
as Izah 

After traveling for countless lightyears
The punks finally arrived on earth
The last place left to find her
The missing princess
Izzah 281

Pass the mandarin garden
Turn left, then turn right
They said find her by the lotus pond

5 am
Finally arrived
She was there waiting
But she was maya*
Izzah was never to be found

*Sanskrit for “illusion”

Each sculpture comes with a Certificate of Autenticity which includes its corresponding poem.

Digitally printed on Ford 250 GSM paper

5.9″ x 10.7″

Hand signed by Kumkum and individually numbered.