Kumkum Fernando | The Lost Mystics

Baby Devis
Board Game

W 25.6 x H 44.2 × D 14.5 inches

Mixed media – upcycled wood, hand and spray painted wood; scratched coated brass detailing and solid brass halo; recycled nails. Made from 650 blocks. Installation includes 180 hand-turned pawns.

Baby Devis
Board Game

Last Thursday I woke up with cold sweats

My fan was broken, 3:46 am

In the Saigon heat

The strangest dream

I was stuck in Baby Devis Board Game

Each sculpture comes with a Certificate of Autenticity which includes its corresponding poem.

Digitally printed on Ford 250 GSM paper

5.9″ x 10.7″

Hand signed by Kumkum and individually numbered.